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We are a state of the art automotive detailing business using cutting edge mobile detailing technology and military applications.

About Us

Hello I’m Andre Echols the owner /manager of SUPREME MOBILE CAR WASH &DETAIL. I’m a career fine dining food and beverage professional, that has always kept his hands in the auto detailing business. It is a way to provide economic opportunity for young people that need a little push and inspiration.

Thank you for visiting our official website, where we are passionate about providing you great service and take pride in the proper handling of your vehicles. We know you take pride in your vehicles. And we know that you have spent hard earned money on your vehicle and you don’t want to destroy the paint and finish by running it through an automatic car wash.

We can help you! At Supreme Mobile Detail we specialize in hand washing your vehicles with micro fiber preventing scratches and swirls in the clear coat. We are also now using the clay bar method which removes grime, grit, and tree sap to give it the showroom floor look again. We will wash and detail your car wherever you are whether you may be at the office, job, school, home, etc, and we make it convenient for our customers by allowing them to keep up their daily routine without waiting for someone to finish washing their car. We also offer our service to dealerships who get in a ton of trade ins that need to be prepared to be sold expeditiously to ascertain a steady flow of business. Another great service we offer Dealerships is that we rinse and wipe down the hundreds of new vehicles on the lot making them eye candy for potential buyers. We can detail just about any form of transportation including boats, motorcycles, planes, RV’s, mobile homes, etc. And we also wash commercial and residential windows and pressure wash just about any surface. we want your your business and we want it now so take pride in your ride and download our app to make an appointment or contact us with any questions you may have.

Scott Hensley CEO

I started out in automotive detailing when I was a young college student in LA back in 1985 while I was working as a professional waiter at Spago’s Restaurant by WolfGang Puck. One day while taking a break and talking to the valet parking attendant I noticed that many of the vehicles he was parking could use a wash or some detailing so my wheels started to turn in my mind and was wondering how I could be the one who offers service to this high end clientele so I went and had some 4×6 glossy flyers printed up and paid the valet attendant to place them in all of the cars that they parked and immediately got calls for service and business started booming and I couldn’t believe that a hustle could generate that kind of cash so I started going to the library to get an in-depth knowledge about automotive detailing technology and after receiving a engineering degree I moved back to Texas and repeated the process and now I am proud to say that I am the CEO of a state of the art mobile detailing business with cutting edge automotive detailing technology and can’t wait to serve you so please call us now thanks.  

Sr Operations Manager Andre Echols

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